Phillip Britz


Born in 1966 in Johannesburg, South Africa, Phillip Britz grew up on a farm outside Klerksdorp. He is well known both locally and abroad for his detailed-style impressionist landscape and seascape paintings. He uses oil or acrylic on canvas to create scenes of South African life.


He learnt how to paint from his father, BE Britz, who was a self-taught artist himself. After matriculating, he worked for a while on the mine in Welkom, while taking some art classes with Alda Van Biljon. He started working as a part-time artist in 1997, which later became his dedicated career in 2008.


Since then Phillip Britz has exhibited his work at embassies and South African art galleries. His work can also be found in local and international private collections. His dimly lit and fascinating paintings are set against overhanging skies of drama, that become studies of nature and of the quality of life itself. Coupled with moments of warm colours, his artworks leave the viewer feeling intrigued. Ultimately this sense has created a market for Phillip Britz’s work both locally and globally.

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