Nic van Rensburg


Nic van Rensburg is a multi-talented South African artist specialising in warm-coloured paintings done in acrylic and oil on canvas or leather, as well as his bronze sculptures. Born in the small Free State town of Tweeling in 1959 and with no formal training, he learnt through acute observation and quickly developed his own unique style of painting. His initial subjects included Tuscan scenes, which later evolved to become wildlife studies in the same warm-coloured style. He has been working in the South African art scene since 1995.


His creative emergence took place when he joined the South African National Defence Force for four years, where during the latter half of his time he was involved in the sculpture department. He was able to experience the art form in an everyday-style setting. Because of this, he became aware of his passion and aptitude for sculpting early on.


Nic van Rensburg has a rare talent of capturing the true spirit of nature in his paintings, which he develops by spending time in the Kruger National Park, observing animals and taking photographs that will help him create realistic subjects.


Notably invited by the South African ambassador in Paris, Nic van Rensburg exhibited his wildlife paintings and sculptures at the embassy in 2001. His work can also be seen in private collections around the world, including England, Germany, Belgium, France, Canada, America, Australia, Mauritius, Namibia, as well as in his home country of South Africa.


Nowadays he works from his studio in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga. He also spends time in game reserves and lodges in the country, studying his subjects and being open to what nature reveals to him. He is a respected artist in South African and is open to commissions.

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