Mandie Meyer

As a proudly South African and self-taught artist, Mandie Meyer works from her studio and gallery in Bela-Bela, of the Limpopo Province in South Africa. The lush South African bushveld attracts artists to the area. With a backdrop of untapped beauty and scent of the kameeldoring trees, artists create some of their most inspired work in the area. The small-town life is a rewarding one for artists who are keen to develop their skills in a friendly, welcoming society. Mandie Meyer’s story is no different.


As a trained hunter, Mandie Meyer coaxed her creative talent for years with pottery, before deciding to become a full-time artist and picture framer in 2005. She bought a beautiful church and turned it into a peculiar and bold art gallery, where she both paints and exhibits her own work, as well as other local artist’s work.


A devout Christian and believer, Mandie Meyer hopes to share the beauty of God’s creation through her work. Her subject matter generally includes animals, wildlife, landscapes, traditional and tribal art.


Her wildlife and nature scenes make use of vibrant colours that uplift the viewer and make reference to the brilliant beauty of the African continent. She imbues her artworks with light and hopes that they spiritually enlighten the spaces in which they fill.


Owing to her deeply South African subject matter, Mandie Meyer has gained quick acknowledgement as a painter in the country. She boats having done regular work for Cyril Ramaphosa. Of special mention is a painting she was commissioned for the entrance wall in his farm home in the Bela-Bela area.


Nowadays, Mandie Meyer can be found either with a paintbrush in her hand or on the back of a horse. Her natural affection towards animals is apparent in more than just her art. She is an avid horse rider in her spare time, enjoying both the therapeutic and challenging nature of the sport. Her belief in God, as well as her hobbies and bushveld surroundings, enhance her zest for life. Being an artist to her core, she is inspired by life and uses this to charge her talents behind the canvas.

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