Ignatius Marx


Born in 1962, Ignatius Marx is a South African artist working in pastel and oil amongst other mediums. He creates artworks that celebrate and give homage to Africa’s version of nature. As a professional draughtsman, his work is grounded by his competency in figure drawings and line work. He draws upon his love for the earth and his environment to create mixed-media-style artworks that deeply resonate with the indistinguishable backdrop of Africa – through both wildlife and plant life.


His self-proclaimed theme of his work is a “search for the essence”. This documents how the artist explores his subject matter intensely in order to arrive at its core, revealing its true nature to the viewer. He often does this by draping his focal point in light and using the surrounding shadows to create atmosphere and mood. The harsh, unedited beauty of the African landscape is brought to the foreground in his artworks, alongside a careful control of colour and composition.


He is a successful exhibition artist both locally and abroad, including but not limited to, the Far East, America, Australia and Europe.


Currently, Ignatius Marx resides and works as an artist in his Umdloti home on the KwaZulu-Natal coast of South Africa, surrounded by the rolling hills of Natal and the unending horizon of the Indian Ocean.

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