Corné Weideman


Born in Rustenburg, South Africa in 1977, Corné Weideman is said to have started drawing at the young age of three. This later became the urge to paint, which he did so with much enthusiasm. He refined his skill with a keen sense of urgency, spending many hours studying the techniques of the great impressionists, including Monet, Degas and Renoir. He also analysed the use of colour and light to create visual impressions. Soon he developed his own unique style, building on the visual principles he had learnt in his studies. 


Corné Weideman’s subject matter can be categorised as people and still life scenes and he gained respect for his paintings as his skill was noticed quickly. His raw talent set him apart as a young artist, allowing him to reach investment status at a relatively young age as an artist. Of this he has said the following, “the talent or gift to create is not for self-gain, but to give back to the people around me”.


You cannot mention Corné Weideman without mentioning the well known South African impressionist Adriaan Boshoff. Weideman finds a great source of inspiration from his mentor, Boshoff, after having spent some time together in the Hartbeespoort Dam area before Boshoff tragically passed away. Weideman said the following of their time spent together: “The hours we spent talking at the kitchen table when I lived in his house, the discussions always cantering on more than mere lines, light and technique. No other artist has inspired me to the extent that Adriaan Boshoff has. Like his life my life is dedicated to the endeavour for perfection in my work”. Boshoff taught Weideman about the ‘life of a true artist,’ how it’s about more than just the technical skill to paint. It’s about the way in which you perceive life and translate that into meaningful brushstrokes on canvas. Backed by his selfless intent to improve the life of others around him, Corné Weideman is set to have a long, successful career behind the canvas.


Corné Weideman is an example of the saying ‘practice makes perfect,’ and his work shows an advancement beyond his years. He has been named a South African artist to watch.

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