Christiaan Nice


Christiaan Nice was a self-taught South African painter, who specialised in impressionist-style oil paintings. Born in 1939 in Pretoria, his paintings can be categorised as contemporary scenes that carry a strong likeness to the country’s scenery. His paintings maintain a sense of familiarity, which the artist is known for. This gives them a visceral sense of someplace meaningful. To this end, he has earned high regard both locally and internationally. His subject matter includes muted still-life depictions of donkey carts, village scenes, harbour scenes, District Six Cape scenes, landscapes and studies of children, among others.


Though his choice of subject matter was known to be quite diversified, his works all carry the same innate sense of peace which creates a calm feeling within the viewer. The buildings and scenes in his paintings tower over the figures, dwarfing them and humbling them to a mere collection of brushstrokes. Christiaan Nice’s method of distorting the proportions slightly of recognisable things, allowed him to create prominent and unique landscape-style pieces. In this way his paintings work to both draw the viewer in and comfort them at the same time.


Christiaan Nice was a master of impressionism. His paintings transcend the constraints of paint on canvas. They become subdued scenes of serenity and calm and share this quality with the viewer. It is no surprise that his work has been exhibited in leading art galleries, private and corporate collections, all over South Africa, as well as making his mark in Europe and the United States.


What many find truly surprising is his enormous ability despite being a self-taught artist. He drew upon his South African life experiences to fuel and inspire his artworks.


Christiaan Nice’s body of work has woven richly into the South African art scene over his 40+ years as a local master. His paintings have reached a firm investment status, having shown a favourable increase in value over the last few years. Experts estimate this to be approximately between 30-45% per annum. After his passing in October of 2020, his artworks are set to be worth even more in the future, as they become more scarce. His paintings are considered to be an ideal investment, now more than ever.


Christiaan Nice leaves behind a remarkable and timeless legacy. His paintings continue to inspire and beautify spaces, as they comfortably grow in value and rarity.

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