Adriaan Boshoff

(1935 – 2007)

Adriaan Boshoff, born in Pretoria in 1935, was drawn to painting from his early days. The qualified electrician managed to refine his skills without any formal training. Soon he became an impressive painter in the South African art scene. Completely self-taught, he excelled in the company of his private studio surrounded by paint and canvas alone. Adriaan Boshoff worked in oils and became highly regarded for his everyday depictions set in an impressionistic style.


He expertly depicted landscapes, seascapes, still life scenes and figures performing mundane, everyday activities and injected his scenes with transient romanticism. When viewing Adriaan Boshoff’s work, the viewer is aware of the fleeting quality to every moment and of how a moment creates an impression and then it is gone. Some of his best known works are scenes of cattle grazing in the South African veld and idealised visions from his childhood. His works contain that elusive, adventurous spirit, known to make South Africans abroad long for home – for dreamy, sunny days spent in the rough veld.


His artworks have been exhibited and collected globally and he is often referred to as the ‘Renoir’ of South Africa, invoking his rare talent and understanding of colour. In doing so, this placed the artist alongside the leaders of impressionism and it marked his unmistakable ability and prominence within the art movement.


Imbued with the emotion of a fleeting moment and love for one’s own country, his paintings are the quintessential claim of being investment-style art. If asked which work is his favourite to date, he would say, “I haven’t made it yet. It may be the next one, or the one after that”.


Alongside a tangible sense of purpose, his faith allowed him to find the inner peace he had been searching for his whole life, which he could then find within his own work. He spent his later years working in a studio at his daughter’s countryside home near Hartbeespoort Dam and he passed away in April of 2007. 


Adriaan Boshoff once said of his own work, “I have found a certain measure of realism in my life and that is what I seek to share with others” – and that is his legacy as an artist.

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